April 3, 2008

Free-Motion Quilting

I started quilting the quilt I'm making for my friend's graduation last night and tried a new technique (new to me, that is) called free-motion quilting.  I used a darning foot on my sewing machine and dropped the feed "dogs" so that I could move the quilt in any direction I chose.  It was a little scary because I had only practiced a little bit and never on something this large.  But once I got started I had fun with it.  I had a couple mishaps where the back of the quilt bunched up and I had to rip out what I had done in a section.  Oops.  Now I know to be more careful about that.  So far,  I like this kind of quilting better than quilting "in the ditch" which is when you follow a seam in straight lines.  The free-motion quilting allows me to be creative and adds a very personal touch to the quilt.  I'm not sure if I'm breaking quilting rules because with a certain kind of stippling stitch the lines aren't supposed to cross. But with this one, I decided to make a loopy pattern and cross the lines a lot and make hearts and stars. 


Liesl said...

I like that design! Except sometimes when I read this blog, I feel like I'm reading another language...you use so many strange words now...I feel like I don't even know you anymore. LOL.

Myra said...

Very well done! I have been quilting for 5 years now, and just/finally experimenting with "free motion" myself. Baby quilts, which is what I am into right now due to so many coming into this world in my life, is a wonderful project to learn on...
Happy quilting!
I shall check in with you again!

Mishka said...

Your free-motion quilting turned out lovely. I too am very new to it, and am not too sure when I'll tackle a big quilt. Still a little frightened by all that bulk. hehe

Thanks for putting a banner to Quilting Bloggers on your site. I appreciate the support.

Happy Quilting,