April 1, 2008

Larger Pieces= Quicker piecing

I am working on my second large sized quilt right now which I will be giving to a friend of mine for her graduation in May.  I'm hoping that particular friend doesn't find out about this blog because I'm posting pictures of her quilt. :-)  This time I decided to use a pattern from "Quick and Easy Romantic Quilts" that consists of stars, rectangles and squares.  The pieces are very large compared to the last quilt I did, and it was fun to see how quickly the top pieced together. It was kind of like an instant gratification quilt top. :-)   Before I started I practiced some Free Motion Quilting with my darning foot because that is the technique I will be using. It was fun and challenging and I'm excited to see how it will work on a full quilt. Below is a picture of that practice piece. 

I expanded my table in my kitchen by using two leaves I had stored away at my parents' house and now I can do cutting at home- although it is more fun to do that with my mom.

This is the fabric for my friend's quilt before I started cutting it. 

As I was cutting the pieces I labeled them with post-its to keep track for later. 

My mom ironing the quilt top as I worked on piecing it

The finished quilt top before I started pinning the quilt sandwich together 


Liesl said...

That is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I love the colors you chose...pinks, whites, and browns. Gorg! I also loved the part about the "instant gratification quilting"...teehee...

Myra said...

What is the measurement of this quilt?

Dawn said...

It's 64" x 64"... the biggest one I have made yet. I think because it was square, it was a little harder to maneuver through the machine. :-)

Sandy said...

Glad you enjoyed making this quilt : )