April 28, 2008

My Mom's first quilt

My mom and I have been learning to make quilts together for the past couple of months, and I'm proud to say she has ventured out and started quilting on her own! :-)  I am in the midst of finishing my friend's quilt that we worked on together, and while I'm doing that she is starting on a quilt that we had planned to make for her.  I will be joining her on that one once my binding is done. She is doing an fabulous job with this one and I'm so happy that she's enjoying it as much as I am!

Her first quilt squares- aren't they cute? 

She is working on her mom's sewing machine which is a great machine.  I'm sure that her mom would be tickled to see that. 

This is the cutest pin cushion ever. We both appreciate the importance of having a cute pin cushion to work with while quilting. 


Liesl said...

So pretty! I love that you two quilt together...someday if I ever live close enough, I'm totally joining your quilting club :) The squares look great! Can't wait to follow the progress...

Thriftin and Craftin said...

Go Mom! Her squares are fabulous! I'm down to handsewing the binding down on a quilt I just finished tonight. I kind of like sewing the binding on. I'm pretty proud of this quilt because I made it up myself. I'm giving it to my mom for Mother's Day. I can't post it for awhile, but I promise I will! Have a great week!

AJ said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your mom's nine patches are adorable. I started off with a simple nine patch as well not even a year ago.

It's nice that you and your mom can do this together. My mom lives too far away, but my husband gets into the quilting mood every now and then and helps out.