May 31, 2008


I am finally getting around to piecing the double rail block squares together for my dad's birthday quilt. I am pretty happy with how the color combinations are working but I still need to cut the sashing and stars that go between the blocks. Once I have all that done I will have a better idea of how the finished product will look.  Here are a couple photos of the progress.  

May 18, 2008

Patriotic Quilt

My dad's birthday is July 4th and my mom and I are making a quilt for him to celebrate. (It's his 60th) So the quilt needed to be patriotic, of course, and I've been collecting fabrics for it over the past couple months. We cut out 192 pieces today for the double rail blocks and here is a preview of what the blocks are going to look like. There will also be some cream colored fabric in between the blocks and red stars between all the corners. I'm excited to see this one come together. :-)

May 4, 2008

Finished graduation quilt!

I finished the binding on my friend's graduation quilt. yay! :-) I needed to get it done by this weekend because I'm giving it to her next weekend. I'm very excited to give it to her- she has no idea I made one for her... at least I don't think she has any idea. Anyway, here are some photos of the finished product.

The widest shot I could get without moving furniture :-).
It's kind of hard to take good pictures of quilts.

A close-up of the fun crinkly-ness that happened from washing it.
I was hoping that would happen but had never tried it before with a quilt I'd made.

A folded quilt close-up. :-)