August 2, 2008

Long Beach Quilt Show

My mom and I went to the Long Beach Quilt show last weekend and had such a great time! I finally got a chance to upload some of the photos from the show.  I am including some of our favorite quilts that we saw.  Since there were over 1000 quilts at the show, it's hard to pick just a few.  But here are some of the ones that we loved, along with the names of the quilts and the people who made them. 

My mom loved this quilt so much we visited it at least 4 times while we were there.  
It's called "Prairie Compass- Worth Two Complements"
By Kathleen L. Carlson from Missouri

This was one of my favorites. I really loved the pink and the white.  Can you believe it was hand pieced and hand quilted?  
It's called "When You Wish Upon a Star" 
By Noriko Kido from Japan

I decided that I liked pink and green a lot while we were at this show. My eye was attracted to anything with pink and green.  This one has a fun name. 
It's called "Kiwi and Fuchsia Meet for Mojitos!"
By Raewyn Haywood Khosla, Kathy York, Frances Holliday Alford, Connie Hudson, Leslie Jenison, and Sherri Lipman McCauley from New York

This next one is absolutely amazing. It colors were so beautiful and just wait till you see the back. It's the next photo. :-)
The label was missing so I'm sorry I don't have the info about it. 

This is the back! Can you believe it? The quilting is just so intricate and wonderful!


Niki said...

Love them! I bet it was a good time.

Donna said...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Love that Mohito quilt. It looks like it was fun to make.

debbiejune said...

Your quilt show pics are great. I always go to OK Quiltworks on Penn and Britton but there is a new place on North May just north of 63rd--she'll find plenty of great things at both places.

Thanks for visiting my blog...kinda behind this summer...maybe it is the heat.

AJ said...

Wow! What a wonderful experience.

Melody said...

I heard that this was a great quilt show. I agree with you, that pink and white Star one is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

BusybeeDebQuilts said...

Hi Dawn - the quilts from the show are beautiful! And, I love the quilt you made for your dad!

Thanks for visiting my blog!