August 27, 2008

She liked it!

      It took me about a week to catch up on sleep after the bridal shower weekend but now I'm back to blog land.  There was a slight airline fiasco with a certain airline that will remain nameless... starts with a U and ends with a ted. :-)  Anyway as a result of this I got into Denver for the shower at 3:30am the day of the shower. eeek!  Needless to say, I was tired. But the whole thing was well worth it as the shower went wonderfully!   My cousin E (not the one who is getting married) did a wonderful job decorating her house and cooking tasty food, and the attendees seemed to have a really nice time. We played lots of games and laughed a ton so that was great. 
      I'm happy to report that my cousin L (the one who is getting married) loved the quilt!  I was so glad and I hope that she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it.   Her wedding is coming up in about a month and it will be so fun to get together with family and friends and celebrate L and G's marriage. :-)

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