July 29, 2008

Long Beach Quilt Show

My mom and I attended the Long Beach International Quilt show this past weekend and had such a great time! It was the first year that Long Beach hosted one of these events and the turnout was huge! We heard that they had 15 thousand people the day before we went and that was a Friday. There were over 1000 quilts on display and they were beautiful! I took a lot of pictures but haven't had a chance to upload them to blogger yet. I will hopefully do that in the next couple days. There were also hundreds of vendors and we had so much fun wandering around and picking out fabric for future projects. We actually spent 7 hours at the quilt show and we barely were able to see the whole thing.
I can't wait to post photos of some of the wonderful quilts that were on display from all over the world. :-) We were lucky to have the show in our own backyard.

July 20, 2008

Win a Quilt at Old Red Barn Co.

       Dana at Old Red Barn Co is giving away an absolutely beautiful quilt!  Click on this link to enter to win! It's so pretty you won't be able to resist. :-) 

July 17, 2008

Alaska Cruise Trip

My husband and I recently returned from a great trip to Alaska on Princess Cruises' "Star Princess" ship.  We left on July 6th and returned the 13th.  It was a fantastic experience and I am going to be blogging about it on my other blog.  For anyone interested in hearing about the trip and Alaska Cruising in general click on this link to read more about it. 

July 15, 2008

Next Project

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful cruise to Alaska and we had such a fun time! I will be blogging more about the trip soon.   I am getting ready to start on my next project which is for my cousin who is getting married this fall. It will be her bridal shower gift and the shower is in August. I am going to be using the "Happy Hour" pattern book and more specifically the  "Snapshots" pattern to make her quilt.  The fabrics I chose are Civil War Era reproduction fabrics and I'm pretty excited about that because she is a history buff.  I hope she finds these patterns as fun as I do.  I needed 18 fat quarters to get started and the photo below is of the ones I picked for the quilt.   Should be fun! 

July 3, 2008

Just In Time

It's 6:30pm the day before the 4th of July and I'm done with my dad's quilt! I am so glad that it's not 1:00am!  (getting better at timing these things...)   I am so excited to give it to him and see his reaction.   Here are a few pictures that I took of the finished product!  

July 1, 2008

Tips for Basting Your Quilt

I recently learned some VERY helpful tips for basting your quilts and wanted to share them because of how much they helped me. I was having a hard time with the back of the quilt bunching when I was machine quilting. It was something that seemed unavoidable when it was happening, although I knew it had to be avoidable because I had only read a couple other blogs that had described that problem. I was watching a quilt show this weekend that brought up this issue and my ears perked up. I was so excited at the possibility of no bunching. :-)
The first thing I learned was the use T pins to pin the quilt back to your carpet. This makes it possible to make it very smooth- much smoother than tape does. I really liked this technique and it didn't seem to do anything to harm the carpet.
The second and I think most important thing I learned was to use size 1 safety pins instead of large ones. I am using low loft cotton 80/20 batting and because of that the small safety pins do a much better job of holding the layers together. This made such a huge difference that I am happy to report there was no bunching during the quilting of the patriotic quilt. yay! The only down side is that it is harder to work with the smaller size and my fingers got a little sore. But it was well worth the hard work when I saw how great the back of the quilt looked.
Happy Basting! :-)