August 27, 2008

She liked it!

      It took me about a week to catch up on sleep after the bridal shower weekend but now I'm back to blog land.  There was a slight airline fiasco with a certain airline that will remain nameless... starts with a U and ends with a ted. :-)  Anyway as a result of this I got into Denver for the shower at 3:30am the day of the shower. eeek!  Needless to say, I was tired. But the whole thing was well worth it as the shower went wonderfully!   My cousin E (not the one who is getting married) did a wonderful job decorating her house and cooking tasty food, and the attendees seemed to have a really nice time. We played lots of games and laughed a ton so that was great. 
      I'm happy to report that my cousin L (the one who is getting married) loved the quilt!  I was so glad and I hope that she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it.   Her wedding is coming up in about a month and it will be so fun to get together with family and friends and celebrate L and G's marriage. :-)

August 12, 2008

"Snapshots" Quilt is finished

The quilt I am giving to my cousin for her bridal shower this weekend is finished! Yay! :-)  I really enjoyed making this one and can't wait to give it to her.  I haven't washed it yet so it isn't all crinkly yet, but I figured I would post the pictures while I had a chance, since the next couple days will be pretty busy.   I quilted it with a meandering loopy stitch and used brown thread in the brown blocks and pink thread in the pink blocks.  For the border I quilted it using a figure 8 design with pink thread.  I have never used more than one kind of thread or attempted any designs on the border so that made the quilting part more challenging.  The binding is pieced from the leftover block fabrics.  My mom helped me out tremendously by stitching the binding fabrics together. This was a family project! 

August 10, 2008

Basting Day

I finished the quilt top for the quilt that I'm working on for my cousin's bridal shower. So yesterday was basting day. Basting is not the most exciting part of making a quilt and I generally go to my parents' house to do it because they have much bigger floor spaces for me to use. I was a lucky quilter yesterday because my dad offered to pitch in and help me attach the 150 or so safety pins to the quilt. Was that nice, or what! :-) It really made the whole process go much quicker and today I am on to the quilting phase. Being that I am leaving Friday for the shower, there will not be any room for dilly dallying. I can't wait to see it completed! It's kind of hard to see the patterns from far away, so if you click on the photos you'll get a better idea of what it looks like. :-)

My dad working diligently on pinning

All the pins are in!

August 2, 2008

Long Beach Quilt Show

My mom and I went to the Long Beach Quilt show last weekend and had such a great time! I finally got a chance to upload some of the photos from the show.  I am including some of our favorite quilts that we saw.  Since there were over 1000 quilts at the show, it's hard to pick just a few.  But here are some of the ones that we loved, along with the names of the quilts and the people who made them. 

My mom loved this quilt so much we visited it at least 4 times while we were there.  
It's called "Prairie Compass- Worth Two Complements"
By Kathleen L. Carlson from Missouri

This was one of my favorites. I really loved the pink and the white.  Can you believe it was hand pieced and hand quilted?  
It's called "When You Wish Upon a Star" 
By Noriko Kido from Japan

I decided that I liked pink and green a lot while we were at this show. My eye was attracted to anything with pink and green.  This one has a fun name. 
It's called "Kiwi and Fuchsia Meet for Mojitos!"
By Raewyn Haywood Khosla, Kathy York, Frances Holliday Alford, Connie Hudson, Leslie Jenison, and Sherri Lipman McCauley from New York

This next one is absolutely amazing. It colors were so beautiful and just wait till you see the back. It's the next photo. :-)
The label was missing so I'm sorry I don't have the info about it. 

This is the back! Can you believe it? The quilting is just so intricate and wonderful!