July 18, 2009

Southern California Quilter's Run - Weekend 2

This is the second weekend of the Southern California Quilter's run!  It's not too late to participate if you're interested in getting out there and getting your stamps and lots of chances to win prizes.  My mom and I ventured out to zone 2 yesterday and had a wonderful time.  We went as far south as Laguna Hills and as far north/east as Upland!  It was a lot of driving and we did end up in traffic a couple times. It took us about 10 hours  to drive to and explore all 11 shops in zone 2, and to get back home. It probably would have been a lot quicker without traffic, but it's Southern California and traffic is a pretty routine experience here. :-)  I wasn't as good with my picture taking this time- I started getting tired toward the end of the day and kept forgetting to take pictures. 

Luella's Quilt Basket is the first shop we visited and we really enjoyed it! It's in redondo beach and I would definitely go back. They have a great variety of fabric and tons of quilting accessories and gadgets to buy. 

The Quilter's Garden in Placentia was another highlight. A very fun shop with tons of great fabric. My mom posed in front of the shop wearing her beads from the shops we had visited earlier that day. 
All in all, I visited 20 shops in the past two weeks. I did end up making the trip to Lancaster and visited Bolts in the Bathtub.  It's a great store and worth the trip! It was about 110 degrees when I got there but when I walked in, it was well air conditioned and they even had food for everyone!   
I will be turning in my passport tomorrow and hoping to win a prize. Even if I don't win, it was lots of fun and I highly recommend it!  To all those quilters who made it to all 42 stores, I'm not worthy. ;-) See you at the Long Beach International Quilt festival!!

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