May 22, 2009

How to frame fabric for wall art: a tutorial

Since we just moved into a new house, we have been very busy with renovation projects and decorating.   I have searched high and low for pretty art to use on the walls, and have come up short in a few rooms.   A lot of the affordable art that is in the stores is either boring or looks too generic.   So I decided that I would use something I already love working with, fabric,  to decorate in a unique and fun way. 

I picked up a frame at my local fabric/craft store and made sure it looked nice with the fabric before I purchased it.
I find that the 55" home decorator fabric that fabric stores carry works really well when doing this type of framing project. The large prints are more interesting and attractive in the frame and there is a large variety to choose from.   I bought 1/2 yard of fabric so I would have some room to play with the frame and find the perfect section of fabric to use. 
Next I removed the glass from the frame so I could easily move the frame around on the fabric and find a good composition.  (Be very careful when you remove the glass- I would recommend using gloves to protect your hands. ) 
Once I had the section of fabric picked out, I ironed that section so it would be ready for framing. 
After ironing, I placed the fabric face down and then set the backing of the frame on top of it.  I then trimmed the top and the bottom off the piece of fabric so it was flush with the frame backing.  
Once that was done, I was able to fit the frame backing into the slots of the frame with the fabric sticking out on the sides.  I trimmed the sides down a bit and left some sticking out so that fabric would always be pulled tight in the frame.  If I were to trim it to the exact size of the backing, it could slip or shift around in the frame while I was putting the frame backing on. 

This is what my completed project looked like.  It's going into our powder room which already has some fun green accents in it.   I look forward to trying more variations of this theme with different colors and sizes of frames and different fun fabrics.