March 23, 2010

How to decorate your dinner table like Martha Stewart when you're on a budget

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for quick ways to spice up my dinner table when I'm entertaining.  Being on a budget, I don't like to go out and spend a ton of money for something I may never use again.  So one way that I've found to decorate that is very effective yet completely affordable is with flowers from the supermarket with an added twist.  If you have a farmer's market near you, that would be an even more affordable place to shop for flowers.  You're probably asking yourself, "What's so special about decorating with flowers?" The trick to this technique is to use another item like fresh produce that either matches or contrasts beautifully with the flowers you have chosen to use.

In this tutorial, I chose to use some pretty yellow flowers I found at Ralphs.

 The items I chose to spice up the overall look this time were baby lemons. They are bright and sunny and complement the flowers really well.  If you can't find baby lemons, then you could even cut regular  lemons in half or buy some little yellow squash in an interesting shape.

Pick a vase that you have already but make sure that it's clear so everybody can see the fun items you've added.  If you have a crystal vase stashed away somewhere that you received from your wedding,  or something that's been passed down in your family, by all means use it! You don't have to wait for a fancy occasion to use these nice pieces.  Using them for a casual get together livens up your table in a fun and cost effective way.  

Make sure you strip the leaves off of the bottom of the flowers so they don't rot in the water and to make your decorative centerpiece look clean and professionally done.

Add water to the vase and then place the fruit in the vase.  It took a little squeezing to get the lemons into this vase. I would probably use a slightly larger vase the next time. Add the flowers, and voila! You have a finished product that everyone will think you bought from a florist.
The great thing about this technique, is that there are endless possibilities and you can have fun being creative. During the holidays I had white flowers on my table and floated pretty red cranberries in the water.  Changing up the colors you use and the fun objects you place in the water can change the feel of your table in an instant. Since spring "sprung" this weekend I wanted to go with a bright and cheery look for my table.  Happy decorating!

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Tine said...

This does look really pretty! I am off to find some lemons right now! I have bought flowers for the table already, but this idea adds that extra something! Thanks!