March 26, 2010

How to wrap gifts with fabric

Do you have a large stash of quilting fabric sitting in your closet?  I've recently discovered a wonderful way to use some of it!   I think part of the fun of giving a gift, is presenting it to the person in a beautiful way. And what better way to wrap a gift for a crafty sewing person, than with fabric!  *Note: Non crafting sewing people will also appreciate the beauty of a gift wrapped in fabric.

First, cut out a circle of fabric that will fit your item. I recommend cutting the circle so that the diameter is about 4 times the height of the item you're wrapping. (diameter = width of the circle) The reasoning behind this is that the fabric needs to cover the sides of the item, the top of the item and then leave you with enough pretty fabric on top to tie the ribbon. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle. In fact, it turns out prettier when there is some variation in the curve.

Next, fold the fabric in half to cover the item.

Pull the remaining edges up with your other hand and gather all the fabric in a bunch.

Tie it with a pretty ribbon that coordinates with your fabric, 
and *smile in amazement* at how cute it turned out!

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Ashley said...

I've nominated you for the beautiful blog award as a blog that inspires me in my quilting journey. Thanks for the inspiration and hope you'll stop by to pick it up!