April 20, 2010

Changing to a custom domain on blogger

So you may have already noticed that I've made a couple changes in my blog world.  It was a little bit scary because I was nervous that something would go wrong in the transfer, but now that it's official I'm so pleased to announce my new domain name!  My blog is now www.dawnsquiltcorner.com.  Blogger made it so easy to do and it's very affordable.  If you're interested in checking out the process, just go to your settings and then to "publishing."  You can choose a custom domain name and change it all in one place! It took about three days for it to completely take affect but all the old links are now redirecting to the new page. I love the fact that my  domain name doesn't have so many parts to it.  And I also love that blogger does the hosting for such a low rate. I highly recommend it!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I have been tempted many times, to do the same thing. Maybe I will one of these days.

You site looks great! Love the header!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Thanks for your help! :-D