April 30, 2010

Tonight's gonna be a good night

Happy Friday everybody! I woke up this morning with the chorus from that song "I've Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyes Peas going through my head.  "Tonight's gonna be a good night... tonight's gonna be a good good ni-i-ight..." hehe  I can actually change the lyrics a little bit to "tonight's gonna be a sewing night... tonight's gonna be a sewing and sewing ni-i-ight. "  I'm celebrating my friend's birthday with her tomorrow and I need to finish the zipper pouches I'm making for her tonight.  I usually don't let things get so last minute but as I was making the pouches earlier in the week, I realized I didn't have any white zippers. (gasp). So I had to pick them up, and now I'm ready to finish.

The pieces you see here will soon turn into fun and exciting zipper pouches

I'm really excited to see how the blue and white ones turn out. I love those fabrics so much!

Another development that is actually quite surprising is that I've started an official scrap pile!  You might wonder how I could go so long as a quilter without having a scrap pile so I will explain.  I'm a little bit of an anti-clutter freak. So as I've made my quilts in the past, unless it was a large enough piece to fold and put away, I didn't keep the little random, odd-sized pieces.  The funny thing about this is that I love scrappy quilts and have really been wanting to make one. That's hard to do without scraps. hehe.  This week as I was making my placemats for the swap and the zipper pouches, I ended up with the cutest little scrap pile.And all of a sudden I was inspired.
Scrap piles can be beautiful!! :) 

Now, I just have to find something to keep my scraps in. I would like it to be attractive yet functional.   What do you use for your scrap management? Do you sort according to color or keep them all in one place? I would love some ideas on where to start.
One last thing that I want to share is that I won a giveaway this morning!  Amy from A Quilting Sheep  had a giveaway and I won some yardage and fat quarters! What a fun way to start my Friday. Maybe that's why I was singing that song. ;)  Thanks Amy!

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Loris said...

Hope we get to see pics of the finished bags. The fabrics look beautiful. Congrats on the giveaway win...that does make for a fun day.