May 4, 2010

Our Patio Garden is Growing

Spring has definitely sprung in Southern California and things are blooming everywhere you look.  My husband and I got motivated to add some new life to our patio garden so on Sunday we made a little shopping trip to Lowes.  We've made some mistakes in the past with our plant buying so this time we were very careful to make sure we had the right conditions to sustain the things we wanted to buy. I thought I would share our little plant world with you. It always inspires me to see what other people are growing in their gardens.

This is our new dwarf peach tree named "Harry Larry".  Yes, I name my plants. :) Isn't he adorable? We can't wait to eat the bounty that we hope this tree will bring.

This is our dwarf mandarin orange tree that we planted last fall. There are so many buds on it, we hope that bodes well for a good crop of oranges this year. His name is Bob. :)

We also planted some cherry tomato seeds in this planter and we're hoping they produce a lot of yummy tomatoes for our salads in a couple months. 

This is a huge shoot from our rose bush near our front door. Doesn't it look like something from "Jack and the Bean Stalk" ? We are thrilled that the plant is hearty and thriving.

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Liesl said...

I love your plants!! Can't wait to hear about the bounty that will surely come from them :)