July 15, 2010

I Love To Cook

In addition to quilting, I have a fondness for cooking that is only slightly topped by my fondness for eating. :)  While we all like to have new tasty treats show up on our dining room tables, these delicacies don't appear there on their own.  I believe that having the right kitchen tools makes cooking a lot more fun and also helps with food quality.  I do have a dream that one day we will have the ultimate kitchen tool.  For me, this would be the food machine they had on "The Jetsons".  How fun would it be to push a button and have a wonderful gourmet delight land on your table!? :)

Anyway, I digress.  :) I wanted to let you know that I've been given the opportunity by CSN Stores to review a product, and I've chosen some Rachael Ray Bakeware.  I have had a lot of problems with my bakeware rusting and generally going bad. I'm hoping that these pans will be different! I will be posting a review in the next couple weeks to let you know what I think. I'm a big fan of Rachael Ray kitchen tools and already own some of her wonderful knives.  If these pans are as nice as the knives, I will definitely not be disappointed!

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Loris said...

I hope the testing is going well. Eager to hear your review :-)