November 4, 2010

Shopping for Quilt Fabric in Downtown Los Angeles

I live about a 30 minute drive away from Downtown Los Angeles. That 30 minutes is only in traffic-free conditions, of course.  If there is traffic it could take me three hours to get there. But I digress... Anyway, right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles is the famed Garment District.  There you will find blocks and blocks, piles and stacks, bolts and rolls of fabric.  If there is ever a fabric you need, no matter how specialized it is, you will find it there.  It is a little bit intimidating to take the trek down there because of all the traffic craziness, one-way streets and crowds of people. But there is an oasis in the middle of the chaos... an oasis for quilters.  That oasis is called Michael Levine, Inc.
   Last weekend my mom and I decided to be brave and make the trip to Downtown LA. We planned to visit Michael Levine and also explore the surrounding area.  When we got to the store, we realized we had found a place where we could easily spend hundreds of dollars in one afternoon and we were probably going to be there a while.  The huge store carries all kinds of fabric, but their quilting fabric selection is remarkable. While it was hard to narrow it down to an amount that fit into our budget, we were able to buy some of our favorites.

Michael Miller Daisy Doodle Fabric Line

Summertime by Barbara Jones for Quilt Soup

After visiting Michael Levine, Inc., we walked around the area and peeked into a few other fabric shops to see if there was anything comparable. Most of the other shops are mom and pop shops that mainly carry decorative fabric and clothing fabric.  We found several places that carried a small amount of 100 percent cotton fabric but none of them carried designer quilt fabric.  We will definitely be making the trip back to Downtown again soon and we are excited to announce that our etsy shop is selling fabric now and will be carrying the above fabrics in the near future.
(I was not paid at all to talk about Michael Levine. 
Rather, I paid them and took home a bunch of fun fabric :)  )


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love the Summertime fabric!

Sunnybec said...

I am so jealous, there are no quilt shops in my part of France, just fabric shops with a corner (usually a dark one!) set aside for quilters. I would so love to be able to browse around a shop like that. Those fabrics are lovely.

Loris said...

Interesting adventure! The fabrics you brought home are great.

Hollie said...

I've been meaning to trek over to Michael Levine but I haven't yet. Thanks for the reminder. Next time I'm downtown I'm definitely popping in. Love the fabrics you picked up, too!

Micki said...

What gorgeous fabrics!