April 7, 2011

Two perspectives

I am slightly obsessed with my iPhone.  I also am slightly obsessed with finding iPhone apps that do really fun things. One of these said apps is called "Instagram."  It it a neat photography application which allows you to take pictures and then apply one of many filters to create a specific look.  When you post your photos, your friends can view them in their feed.  I recently took some pictures of the baby quilt that my mom and I are working on and decided to use that to illustrate the different look and feel you can get by using "Instagram".

 Here is the first photo of the quilt. This one hasn't been treated with any filters.

This is a photo of the same quilt but with an Instagram filter added. Fun, no?

Do you Instagram? If you do, let me know what your username is so I can follow you. Mine is dawnnichols. Happy picture-taking!

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