July 27, 2011

Where did June... and July go?

I have been having a very enjoyable and eventful summer. And I'm getting very excited about attending the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach this weekend. If you are a quilter or lover of quilts, or even just enjoy participating in local crafty events with 18,000 of your closest friends, I highly recommend this festival.
I haven't been blogging a lot recently, so to catch you up, I decided to share some pictures of the fun I've been having. 

On Father's Day we went to the Dodger game with my parents and we had a blast. It was free apron day and my handsome hubby is modeling it for you here:

We also spent the 4th of July with my parents and enjoyed our annual eating of the Schaum Torte. Yes, it is odd that we choose to eat a German Dessert on such an American holiday, but that's what we do. 
And they are delicious.  See?

The show I work on was on hiatus for the first two weeks of July, so after 4th of July weekend, my friend Shelly came into town for a 4 days. We've known each other since kindergarten and even though she lives in another state we have remained super close and relish the times we get to spend together.  After I picked her up from the airport, we went straight to Dukes and had fruity drinks by the ocean.

This set the tone for our whole week of relaxation and vacationing.  We had a spa day, ate out at a bunch of fun places, spent a day at the beach, went to the movies, and also went on a beautiful hike.  We also talked for probably what added up to about 50 or 60 hours and caught up on everything we needed to talk about from the year we hadn't seen each other.  It was a perfect visit.
I'm back at work now but I'm still hanging on to the summer fun by hiking on the weekends and being outside as much as possible.  So now it's your turn. What kind of fun have my wonderful blog readers been up to this summer?  (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere :) )

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