July 29, 2012

Out of the Shower

Last time we spoke, my fabric was "taking a shower".  We were getting ready to have new wood (laminate) floors installed and I was busy clearing out closets, getting things off of the floor, and trying to find new hiding places for all said things.  Here is a photo of the guest bedroom shower in all of its glory to refresh your memory.

I am not a clutter-y person.  I thrive when things are in order in our house.  So I knew from the get-go that this whole flooring thing was going to be a challenge . To give you another peek into the chaos, this is what our dining room looked like after all the living room furniture needed to be relocated. Eeek!

Once the work commenced, things got to the point where we needed to vacate the house. Thankfully, we planned for this and took ourselves to a nearby hotel to avoid the construction dust. One of the most well-known laws of home renovation is the following:  "In order to make something better, it has to, for a period of time, get worse".  This is illustrated in the next photo of part of our bathroom during the floor removal process. Look at that 70's linoleum! Who knew there would be linoleum under the linoleum?

When we were able to return to our house and start the cleanup process, it was really fun to see how great the floors turned out.  Our neighbors even started stopping by to check on the progress.
This is not our cat. But he seems to like the new floors. 
Since we were tearing the house apart anyway, we also decided to do a partial remodel of the master bathroom. When we bought the Townhouse several years ago, we renovated the other bathrooms but left ours as-was because it was in the best condition. Here is a shot of the new, fun, updated bathroom.

Right after all the renovating and painting finished, the fun started.  I had the pleasure of getting a visit from my sweet friend Shelly.  We've known each other since kindergarten and she lives in another state (far, far away) now. When we have a chance to get together, it's such a blessing to me. There is always lots of talking and laughing and playing and eating.  We exercised a lot and ate a lot.  So things were pretty balanced.
Kayaking in Ventura Harbor
Shelly on top of a large rock
More hiking

Apple Fritters in Solvang
Aebleskivers in Solvang
Disclaimer: We ate a lot more foods than are pictured here. 
I'm keeping them a secret for your own good.