November 6, 2012

Quick and Delicious English Muffin Pizzas

When you hear the phrase "English Muffin Pizzas" does it bring back memories of childhood sleepovers and friends gathered around the table assembling their pizzas with their favorite toppings?  For me, it definitely does.   We considered it a special treat to have friends over for a sleepover, and with sleepovers came fun kid-centric dinners.   One of my favorites was when my mom brought out the English muffins and we all became instant pizza chefs, concocting our own tasty masterpieces.
Several months ago, I started craving this fun treat.  I wondered if it would break some unwritten culinary rule for my husband and I to make English Muffin pizzas.  I had always thought of them as a kid food and hadn't eaten them in over 20 years.  But I decided to throw caution to the wind and I am so glad I did.  It turns out, anyone can eat English muffin pizzas! As adults we tend to have more sophisticated palates, and this opens the door to a wide array of amazing toppings. Plus, English muffins are low in calories and when you add fresh toppings, they aren't just tasty, they are healthy too and very easy to make.

  Start with a package of your favorite brand of English Muffins. Split them in half and add pizza sauce.  I find the Boboli brand pre-measured pizza sauce to be very handy. One package of sauce covers one package of English muffins quite nicely.

Spread the sauce with a spatula or knife. They are starting to resemble pizzas!

Next, add cheese and choose your toppings. This picture is an example of the kinds of toppings we like to add. (Kalamata olives, banana peppers, avocado and onion.)  See how "grown up" these toppings are? ;)

Chop up your toppings and place them in little bowls so everybody can have fun picking what they want. (If you use avocado, don't add it until after the pizzas are cooked.) Crushed Red Pepper is another topping we like to add to our pizzas.

Act like a pizza chef and create your amazing masterpieces. 

Bake at 350 degrees for about ten minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the muffins are cooked to your liking.  Then add any cold toppings (avocado, etc.) and enjoy!

Here are some other ideas for toppings that you may want to try:
Bell Peppers
Green Onions
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Blue Cheese
Black Olives or Green Olives
Canadian Bacon 

*Everyone's ovens cook differently so make sure you keep an eye on your pizzas the first time you make them to make sure they don't burn. 
 *I use an AirBake pan with holes in it to help the crusts get crispier without burning. Click here to check out the pan I use. You can also use a normal pan.(I don't work for the AirBake pan company, I just like them)
*Leftover pasta sauce makes an excellent and cost effective pizza sauce.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

We make these quite often. We buy the Ragu Pizza QUICK sauce, it has to say QUICK, otherwise it is yuk. We bake ours in the toaster oven till the chesse starts to brown...MMMMMMMM MMMMMMM Good!

i said...
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Altax said...

Looks awesome!!! I love to prepare this.

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