May 22, 2012

My Fabric is taking a shower

We are getting ready to do phase two of home renovations. Phase one happened right after we bought the house and before we moved in. That was over three years ago and now we are ready to take on phase two and get to those projects that were put on the back burner when we moved in.  It's exciting and a little (a lot) overwhelming because part of it involves new flooring which involves moving things out of rooms which involves moving things out of closets which involves my fabric hanging out in the shower.  My husband laughed when I revealed that I'd decided to place my quilting "stash" in the shower.  "Look honey, it's like a whole new closet we've never used!" 
I've been on a sort of quilting hiatus lately. After we closed down our business at the end of last year and my mom and I were able to purchase our quilting frame and Juki machine to go with it, I felt like I'd accomplished a goal that we had been working toward for a while. I've been keeping busy with other things like hiking on the weekends, reading, doing Bible studies and working on simplifying our lives.  My husband and I have realized recently that we need to pay closer attention to how we are spending our time.  Making sure to focus on the important things, we've been trimming some of the excess. (i.e. too much TV watching).  We've started having weekly date nights which is a lot fun and spending more time talking in the evenings together. Simplifying the "time clutter" in our lives is a great feeling and I think it's also allowing my creative "juices" to start flowing again.  I plan to put those creative juices to good use, once our renovation projects are done and I get to move my fabric back out of the shower. :)