August 7, 2013

"Streak of Lightning" book review

"Streak of Lightning" by Clare O' Donohue is a novella available in e-book format designed to tide all of the "Someday Quilts" series fans over until the next novel is released this fall.  Even though it helps to be familiar with the characters, it also works as a stand alone mystery novel. I enjoyed the book and had so much fun reconnecting with the characters, I read the whole thing in one afternoon.  Here is a short synopsis from the publisher:

"Back in Archer's Rest, Nell Fitzgerald and boyfriend police chief Jesse DeWalt are heading out of town for a romantic New Years Eve weekend in New York City.  Hoping for a clean break from work, Jesse leaves his police partner Greg in charge of the precinct.  The first order of business is dealing with Joe Proctor, an abrasive bully who everyone in town seems to hate.  Joe's latest altercation—this time with local florist Violet—ends with a chair flying through her flower shop window and him in handcuffs.

As Nell and Jesse arrive in Grand Central station, their getaway is suddenly curtailed by a call with disturbing news. Joe was found dead in his cell at the police station, leaving Greg as the only viable suspect.  As the state police step in to investigate this possible homicide, Nell and Jesse work below the radar to learn more about Joe and find the killer.  Did a long standing grudge between Greg's father and Joe make this the perfect opportunity for payback?   Why did Violet and Joe argue, and did she secretly get even for damage to her shop?   Or, did someone else want to settle their own score with the unpopular Joe?"
I would recommend this book to mystery novel fans looking for an entertaining and light summer read.  If you haven't read any of O'Donohue's books, this also would serve as a perfect introduction to her writing style and to the Archer's Rest cast of characters.  I have enjoyed all of the books in the "Someday Quilts" series and this one did not disappoint.  Look for her next book, "The Double Wedding Ring", to be released in October. 

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Valor Janitorial said...

Nell and Jesse's weekend didn't go as plan but nonetheless Nell and Jesse spent time together doing what they do best; solving a mystery and this was a good one that I read in one sitting. This was a very enjoyable story and a delightful and charming read to tide me over until the next release in the Someday Quilts series.