September 7, 2013

"Mary had a Sleepy Sheep" book review

"Mary had a Sleepy Sheep" by Julia Dweck is a sweet ebook that any young child would enjoy.  The illustrations are adorable and the story is clever and creative.  The main character, "Mary", has an extremely sleepy sheep named "Sheppard".  (I find it endearing that "Sheppard" is also the name of the author's husband.) Mary goes to great lengths to get her sheep to stay awake but all he wants to do is slumber away the days.  The book is humorous and the illustrations do a great job of showing the reader just how frustrated Mary is with this sleepy little sheep.
There are some added little bonuses that come with the ebook as well. There's a cute toy mouse named "whiskers" hidden on every page of the book as well as a fun activity page at the end of the book.  With the author's charming writing style and beautiful illustrations, I think this book has the potential for a lot of "re-readability".  I've included a couple links for you below, in case you'd like more information about the author.
Julia's author page

Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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Liesl said...

So cool! I always wondered if books with illustrations would be as good in e-book form. Glad to know they don't lose the fun picture effect! :)