May 23, 2014

Reviewing "One God, One Plan, One Life" Teen devotional

 "One God, One Plan, One Life" is a one year devotional for teenagers written by Max Lucado.  Each page is dated to keep the reader on track and the entire devotional for the day fits on that page. (It's very doable for the attention span of teenagers these days.)  At the top of the page is a short Bible verse. Underneath that, there's a heading describing the theme of the day. Some examples of these themes are "A Changed Heart",  "Spread the Good News" and "Honor Your Parents".  There are a few paragraphs written about each theme and then "One More Thought" at the bottom of the page to get the reader thinking deeper, or to reinforce the point that is being made.
I am a fan of this devotional and think it would be a great gift to give to the teens in your life. It would also make a great graduation present for a Middle school or High School graduate.  The book is made with very high quality paper, printed in fun colors and has a really nice weight to it. For some reason the heavy weight of certain devotional books attract me , especially if I'm giving it as a gift. It feels substantial.  There's an orange ribbon that will keep your place in the book so that's also a nice added touch.   This is not in any way to ignore the high quality of what's written inside the book, but the name Max Lucado pretty much speaks for itself.   This book is designed to be that ten or fifteen minutes at the start or end of the day, for your teen to take some quiet time with God. It's not incredibly complex, but that's not what it's meant to be.  It's thoughtfully put together and very well made.  

Here's a short description from the Publisher:
"One of America’s favorite pastors, Max Lucado offers his first 365 devotional for teens, encouraging them to trust God and His perfect plan for their lives.
Life is hard, and today’s teens could use daily guidance and reassurance that God is with them, through it all and despite it all. In One God, One Plan, One Life, bestselling author Max Lucado offers teens an accessible way to connect with their Lord. Daily devotions address such topics as faith and obedience but also offer wisdom on topics that teens battle, such as purity, bullying, alcohol and drug use, and self-image. Each day includes a short devotion and accompanying scripture as well as a take-away application that will inspire and challenge teens to trust in God and His plans for them.

One God, One Plan, One Life helps teens to cut through life’s distractions and rely on the one thing that is truly important—a relationship with God."

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Booklook Bloggers/Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.

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