September 26, 2014

Reviewing "940 Saturdays"

"940 Saturdays" is a cute, hard cover journal by Harley A. Rotbart, MD, which includes a small booklet filled with ideas for activities to do with your children.  The idea behind this large journal is that there are 940 Saturdays between the day your child is born and the day they leave for college. There is a space for each one of those Saturdays in the book, where you are supposed to write the date and then write what you did that day.  In the back of the book there is a pocket which holds the small booklet of ideas.  Each idea is grouped into an age range, so that within a category of ideas there are age appropriate activities to complete with the child.
I think the idea of chronicling every Saturday you get to spend with your child is a great and lofty goal.   For some moms and dads this would be a wonderful gift to get at a baby shower and they would completely eat it up. I'm sorry to say that I'm probably not one of those people, because I am more likely to write about something we did when I feel compelled to write, and not when I'm forced to write. Being "forced" to write every single Saturday's activities down is a slight turnoff for me because I would feel guilty looking at all the blank Saturdays I didn't remember to fill out.  I'm also wondering how it would work with multiple children. Buying one of these large (2 inch thick) journals for each child and then filling them each out separately and finding a place to store said journals doesn't seem realistic.  I would probably rather blog about our special activities with photos and with the whole family included. That said, it is a sweet idea and I would recommend this book to anyone who really enjoys keeping daily journals, because you would probably be more likely to keep up with it.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. 

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