September 13, 2014

Reviewing "A Grand Design" by Amber Stockton

"A Grand Design" by Amber Stockton is a very sweet book that would be perfect for a summer or vacation getaway read. I actually finished the book in one evening and I felt like I had just spent the night watching a romantic comedy, with a hint of drama.

When I was in Junior High I was addicted to the "Babysitter's Club" books and the "Nancy Drew" series.  My parents would get me a stack of those books for Christmas and I would finish them all in a week. I felt the same way about "A Grand Design", in that it was so entertaining, fun and captivating, I wasn't able to go to bed without finding out what happened.  If I had a pile of books written by Amber Stockton, I would probably find myself sleep deprived in a matter of days.

The main character, Alyssa Denham, and her best friend Libby, embark on a summer trip to a fancy hotel on an island on which Alyssa's sweet grandmother happens to live. They find adventure and some romance as soon as they arrive, and the trip gets more and more interesting as it progresses. Alyssa's grandmother assigns her to retrieve some quilt blocks her friends have made over the years, and in the midst of this challenge,  Alyssa revisits her history on the island.  I don't want to give away too much because it would take away the fun, but I will say that this trip is one that Alyssa will never forget.

Being that I read this book in one evening it won't be a surprise when I say that I enjoyed it.  The quilting theme of the book really takes a back seat to all of the relationships that develop  but the theme is there nonetheless. I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a fun summer romance type read which will transport you to an island paradise, even just for one night.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

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