October 17, 2014

"Parenting with Scripture" by Kara Durbin

       "Parenting with Scripture" by Kara Durbin is an excellent tool for parents looking to use scripture to teach and instruct their children.  The beginning of the book is a guide for finding and responding to teachable moments, including learning to identify a teachable moment in your everyday life.  Durbin discusses using opportunities such as TV shows or commercials, or time in the car when you have a buckled-in audience. She also stresses the importance of using positive moments and reinforcing good behavior like when your child shows kindness to others, or demonstrates honesty in a tough situation.
       The rest of the book is a very useful topical guide. The topics range from friendship to giving, to honesty and self-control. Durbin lists a topic at the top of the page, gives the definition, and then lists several scripture verses that deal with the topic. Then, there is a list of discussion questions and a "Take Action" segment which gives the family some goals for working on the specific topic.
        I would recommend this book to all Christian families with children. It's a wonderful tool for everyone in the family to study and use in the midst of all those everyday life moments. I think it's not only a great reference tool but would also make a fantastic family devotional study. The emphasis on the memorization of scripture is wonderful and important, especially with the ease that little minds learn new things.  Those verses will stay "hidden in their hearts", and encourage them to live in a way that honors God and loves others for the rest of their lives.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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